Outfit recommendations

Outfit recommendations

Here I just publish outfit examples from my past photoshoots, so you can have ideas and similar looks in your wardrobe 

If you have your own ideas and you want to discuss, please send me photos of your outfits and we will pick the best options


What is suggest:

- elegant

- colorful

- sporty but together with jackets or classy coat

- hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, headbands 

NO simple sport clothes

NO sweatshirts or hoodies(unless its branded or made by your favourite designer)

NO uncomfortable dresses when you cant move 

NO dirty shoes


Solo photoshoots

Try to find two main colors for your look or one color + pattern.

If you have only jeans and a tshirt, you can find a colorful jacket, it will make your look completed.

Don’t forget about accessories.

Even wearing a simple outfit you can add massive earrings or necklace or hat, sunglasses will make good impression on photos.


Also you can rental dresses for photoshoots

Couples outfits

Matching outfits is easy to create.

Try to find two main colors and search for clothes for both of you accordingly to them.

If "she" has a colorful dress and "he" doesn’t have the same colors clothes its not a problem. Just take neutral colors pants and shirt 

Here you can see some examples

Family sets

Same logic with matching outfits

For families I suggest to wear pastel colors

Here you can see some examples